So Lucky

Dawn O’Porter

I came across this particular book whilst looking for something to read on the train home and was intrigued by the premise of this book, which follows the lives of three very different women; Ruby, Beth and Lauren.

Ruby is a single mother struggling to bond with her 3 year old whilst battling body image issues stemming from a hormone issue. Beth is a married wedding planner who is running her business full time despite having a 3 month old and trying to cope her husband’s increasing disinterest in having a sex life. Finally, Lauren is an Instagram influencer planning her upcoming wedding to a famous business owner/TV star. The book primarily alternates between Beth and Ruby’s perspectives with occasional insights into Lauren’s life through descriptions of her Instagram posts and several comments people have left on them.

This then proves to be a very effective way of tackling the issues surrounding body image and social media that women face in their day to day life because we are able to see Beth and Ruby’s personal feelings about their own bodies and how this directly impacts the response to and opinion of Lauren.

Although the writing at points feels simplistic and some of the points O’Porter is attempting to make about the way society treats women and the illusions social media creates about them can feel a bit on the nose or heavy handed I would sum up this book as being a thoroughly enjoyable read that tackles the various issues women who are ‘attempting to have it all’ are forced to grapple with.

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