Don’t Panic!

There will be more internships.

Given the current state of the world publishing internships and work experience opportunities are being postponed or cancelled left, right and centre, leaving many people desperately trying to break into the industry at a bit of a loss. I am currently one of those people.

I was supposed to have an in person interview for a summer internship with Wiley Publishers, which was initially cancelled, only to recently receive an email informing me that they are no longer able to run their internship scheme over the summer. Naturally, this was somewhat expected with ever increasing restrictions on travel and requirements for us to isolate ourselves and although I completely understand the need for this and definitely think it’s the right decision, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed upon reading the email. Just as I was at the point of submitting applications and hopefully securing a role within publishing everything has been brought to a stand still.

However, I have decided there is no point in being all doom and gloom about it and instead just keep on working towards my goal of editing within book publishing. I am going to keep applying for everything I can, no matter how many schemes have to be cancelled, and at least view it as a way of improving my applications and cover letters, because ultimately there will always be more internships.

After all, when you do not manage to get one of the coveted spots of an internship you have still benefited from going through the application process and the same still holds true in this case. As much as I had hoped not to have to move back with my parents after I graduate in July, we are living in unpredictable times and if it takes me slightly longer to secure a role in publishing then that’s fine.

Besides I have still seen many publishing houses advertising roles with the hope that some people will be able to start from home and you can guarantee that I will be applying to as many of those as possible. Plus Wiley have said they’ll be in touch about potential autumn job opportunities for those who graduate this summer and were successful in reaching the interview stage of the internship scheme, so perhaps this will all work out for the best anyway.


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