World Book Day!

An Ode to my Favourite Childhood Books…..and a few new recommendations.

It’s World Book day and the nostaglia for dressing up as my favourite fictional characters is strong. So I decided to write a post about my favourite childhood books (as an adult who apparently can’t go to work as a fictional character). And I might throw in some more recent suggestions too.

My Nostalgic Faves:

  • Bun Bun the Middle One

As a middle child this was a book that remember loving from a young age.

  • The Velveteen Rabbit

This book is an absolute classic and I loved the copy I had of it as a child with beautiful illustrations.

  • Anne of Green Gables

I absolutely love Anne of Green of Gables, I read the whole series, I watched the old tv series on VHS tapes and I adored the Netflix show ‘Anne with an E’

  • Little Women








Little Women is still one of my all time favourite books. I first fell in love with it as a child and continue to love it.

Current Recommendations:

  • Little People, Big Dreams

This is a beautifully illustrated series that teaches children about the lives of incredible people. It spans an incredible range of individuals that kids probably won’t learn about in school.

  • While we can’t Hug

This is new children’s book about social distancing and ways to show affection when you can’t touch. This is relevant during the current pandemic and opens up conversations with children about how some people may not like physical touch.

  • The Acrobats of Agra

Drawing from the true story of a french circus, this is a heartfelt tale of friendship and bravery.


Those are my best nostalgic picks and few new recommendations in honour of World Book Day, I hope you enjoyed it. For more of my recommendations, check out my top comfort reads here.


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