Goodreads vs. The Storygraph

So I was recently introduced to The Storygraph, a new platform comparable to Goodreads but without being owned by Amazon, through Leena Norm’s Youtube channel (which you should definitely check out) and having now used The Storygraph for a couple of months, I thought I would review how The Storygraph and Goodreads compare and whether I’ll be switching for good. The answer to which is…maybe.

My overall experience of the two websites is that The Storygraph is a resounding success. My favourite feature is the more in depth review options, beyond a rating out of five stars. The reader can review the pace of the book, character development and key words that would describe it. This provides more insight into what the user is reading, which was particularly useful when looking for more things to read.

The one aspect of The Storygraph that I disliked is not being able to track your progress as you’re reading a book. On Goodreads, you can input what page you’re on and see how far through the book you are, there is no such option on The Storygraph. However, it is still in beta so perhaps that is something that will be developed going forwards.

Despite this, I have much preferred using The Storygraph over the last few months. You are able to mark if you own a book, in addition to the usual ‘read’ and ‘want to read’, which, as a frequenter of libraries, I appreciate. The layout of the site is also both easy to use and aesthetic. There is now an app version, which is major bonus, as I would often forget to use it before this was created.

Overall, I would definitely recommend that every book lover tries out The Storygraph. You can transfer all of your Goodreads data across so you need not go back to square one, you can simply make a very easy switch across.