Silver Linings Playbook

This particular film adaptation is an interesting one because, not only did I see the film before reading the book, but I also prefer the film to the book, which is very rare for me as I often prefer the added detail that can be found in a novel compared to a film.

However, the film cleverly walks the line of tackling mental health whilst being an upbeat, eccentric comedy. Having recently returned home from a psychiatric hospital, Pat’s struggles with bipolar disorder and Tiffany’s mental health issues in the wake of her husband’s death lead to many emotional ups and downs which are cleverly balanced out by the joys of watching the two fall for each other whilst preparing for a dance competition.

The way in which this film serves to normalise mental health issues is particularly noteworthy because it successfully serves to represent both Pat and Tiffany as normal people simply trying their best to get on with life. This was incredibly refreshing compared to so many other films which represent mental health disorders as something tragic which will always be thwarting successes in life and push others away from you.