Weekly Reading: 21/3/21

We interrupt your usual weekly posting with an unexpected reading slump.

Unfortunately, this has been a disappointing week when it comes to reading, I haven’t made it through a single book. I’ve hit a wall this week and my brain just won’t focus, not on a book, not on an audiobook, not even on a newsletter.

It’s been incredibly frustrating and I’ve really missed being able to sit down with a book but I’m trying to accept that my brain just needs a break. I’ve been busy, and a little stressed, so if that means my brain needs to rest then so be it. And hopefuly, I’ll be back to reading asap!

In the meantime, I’m hoping to throw myself into other things, currently it’s baking. And I’m still getting my literary fix through booktube, The Bookseller and bookstagram so I’m fully up to date on all the latest news and can still read plenty of reviews.

I hope to return to your usual weekly viewing next week, happy reading!


  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so sorry! Slumps are tough – or… so I’ve heard? I feel so naive when it comes to this topic because I’ve never truly experienced one myself. I thought I had last summer, but every one of my bookstagram friends told me that was *nothing* like a true slump (because I got out of it after like 2 days haha). I hope you find a book that brings you back soon!


    1. A_Literary_Life says:

      Thanks! I wish I was like you and didn’t stop reading for more than 2 days, hopefully I’ll get back to it soon though, going to try some easy reads and maybe an audiobook to see if I can get stuck into something again


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