Weekly Reading: 7th March 2021

Welcome to my new weekly reading updates! This is the place where I’m going to chat about what I’ve read each week, whether it’s a book, blog post or poem. I’m hoping this will keep me reading more, even when I’m at my busiest, but also act as a reminder that I’m always reading. Even when I don’t think I’ve made progress with a book, I’m still reading. So without further ado…

Top billing this week goes to…..(drum roll please)…..

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones!

I have loved sitting down with this book every evening before bed and reading a chapter or two. I was a big fan of An American Marriage when I read it a year ago, and I have loved this book just as much.

Silver Sparrow follows two girls who are half sisters, but only one of them knows it. Dana grew up knowing that her father had another family and that she was a secret, but Chaurisse has no idea that Dana even exists. What will happen when the two girsl finally meet?

This Week’s Runner Up….MsLexia Spring Issue

This week my spring issue of MsLexia arrived and I have loved flicking through it. MsLexia is a quarterly publication for women who write. It publishes submissions, current writing competitions, editorial pieces and so much more. Plus I am always blown away by how beautiful it is and how high quality it is.

Honourable Mention: How to Market Books

My first assessment is due tomorrow, so this week has featured a lot of textbook reading. It may not be first choice but I’ve definitely learnt a lot. Hopefully it will pay off…

I hope you enjoyed having a look at my weekly reading, like this post and follow my blog to get updates every time I post!

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